Wholesale International Origination

Wholesale International Termination

KWK’s 20 year relationships with its international partners allows our clients to have direct CLI interconnection, the highest quality available, low rates, unlimited capacity and redundancy... all designed to provide you stability, and the perfect value proposition to maximize your profits

  • Bi-lateral agreements with over 60 carriers
  • Also connected directly to over 150 international partners - interconnects with international PTT and / or in country directs
  • We can quickly add capacity as needed
  • Our support is professional, knowledgeable and available 24/7, 365 and is always willing to help

  • Lowest cost, highest quality routing
  • Our provisioning staff can have you interconnected, tested and into production within 24-48 hours
  • We have many US and international Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers who are customers for both international and domestic voice termination
  • Multiple points of redundancy
  1. A-Z Tiered Pricing Rate Deck, CLI
  2. A-Z Tiered Pricing Rate Deck, Non-CLI/Premium

In conclusion, KWK has the infrastructure to support large volume wholesalers while being precise and acutely quality conscious to handle any enterprise needs as well. It is all designed to make interconnection easy, fast, and to maximize our clients' profits.

Call KWK today to discuss how our platforms, experience, low rates, and quality can help you immediately!