About Us

Getting to Know KWK Internacional, Inc.,™

has become a worldwide leader in the voice telecommunications industry by delivering high quality, direct routes, low rates, and effective solutions to our wholesale, enterprise, and retail clients. For two decades KWK has always dedicated its values toward innovative and affordable products, then executing to meet our clients' needs....and you can expect the same dedication.

KWK is debt-free and owns and operates its own state-of-the-art voice over IP (VoIP) network handling billions of voice transactions annually. Therefore, we are stable and well equipped to handle your specific routing and capacity requirements to any destination worldwide.

Directed by an experienced team of professionals, KWK is committed to delivering the highest quality services at the most competitive rates. With decades of industry expertise throughout the organization, KWK has an understanding of the challenges customers face when selecting a telecommunications provider. KWK focuses on customer service, technology innovation, and operational efficiency.


KWK was founded on the idea that high-quality, economical telecommunications solutions can be delivered by a transparent, responsive and collaborative company. We are driven by a simple and straightforward devotion to service that sets us apart from other telecommunications providers. Many companies use the term "full-service"; we put those words into action. We operate under a set of guiding principles and we live them every day.

We will:

  • Always work for your benefit - we know your success is our success
  • Always be aware of your unique requirements
  • Always be looking for potential problems and rectify them before they become large issues
  • Always take full responsibility for our products and support
  • Always be in communication with you to improve your business and reduce your cost
  • Always be there to help inform you of product, pricing, technology, or industry changes so you can make informed decisions