Wholesale International LD Termination

Wholesale Domestic US Termination

  • KWK Communications can terminate to every landline and mobile number within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), including USA-50, Canada, Caribbean, and Guam. We have peering relationships with both private and publicly owned facilities-based carriers
  • Our network is highly scalable, modern, and redundantly presensced. We use the latest carrier class software and technology for the highest reliability and compatibility
  • Our routing capabilities allow us to identify the least cost route, while isolating for highest quality; securing maximum profits for our clients
  • Our disaster recovery protocols include multiple routing options to all our direct Tier 1 and Tier 2 carrier interconnections

  • Our support is professional, knowledgeable and available 24/7,365 and is always willing to help
  • Our provisioning and interoperation procedures can place new customers into testing or production within 24 hours
  • Our rates and quality are unmatched within the industry. Two decades of relationships and experience with consistently large volumes of traffic validate those facts
  • Our supported codecs include G.711 (must be supported), G.729, T.38, and IN or OUT of band (RFC 2833 or SIP INFO) DTMF
  1. Tiered NPA-NXX NANP rate deck
  2. Single column non-jurisdictional tiered NPA-NXX rate deck
  3. Flat rate NANP Deck
  4. Flat rate Local Deck
  5. US48 Indeterminate Jurisdiction Flat Rate Deck

In conclusion, KWK has the infrastructure to support large volume wholesalers, while having the precision to handle any enterprise or retail client needs as well. It is all designed to make interconnection easy, fast, and to maximize our clients profits.

Call KWK today to discuss how our platforms, experience, low rates, and quality can help you immediately!